My First Web App

My final project for the Grand Circus Detroit bootcamp came to fruition and has been on my group's Heroku server for a few weeks now. I'm glad to have a final product. It's also good to know that nothing has blown up or caught on fire.

I really had fun with this project and enjoyed process of making decision about the layout and how it would be used.

APIs USED: Google Books + Mailjet

Wireframe samples below.

I made these with AdobeXD and realized just how quick and optimized it is first had. I really love this app and plan on using it a lot in the future. (A couple projects in my GitHub already have, actually!
But using these has caused me a bit of dilemma as I'm wondering if when people look at my portfolio do they consider them "wireframes" at all. Because of this, in the past few weeks I've been making a few bare layouts as well.